its a fashion statement

About Us

In Red Ox Fashion we believe that attitude comes with styling, our main aim is set trend for people to follow. That's why Red Ox is the most ultimate fashion statement for the modern people of today.


"Our mission is to provide creatively innovative garment with you in mind. Red Ox Fashion would like to pursue this vision to greatness and our main focus is our customers."

About US

Red Ox is a London based company that has been involved in the designing, manufacturing and retailing of clothes.

The business started in 2000 with a main focus on manufacturing women, men and children clothes and selling them on a very moderate price in Europe, UK, Middle East & Asia. Our new focus is to extend the business to the new market in a different country and to capture a wider customer range.

Our Manufacturing Process

We have a production house in Pakistan where we manufacture our garments for several years. We strive to produce the best quality garments with innovative designs and vibrant colors.

The four major textile processing we do are fiber, yarn, fabric and garment processing. Our denim garment processing has grown to a great extent for the past few years. Our garment finishing is mainly done through wet processing. Later we dye the garment and use different colors on them for the seasonal look. Proper finishing is done at the end to give the maximum look to the apparel by either changing the feel and texture of the fabric. Various types of finishes are given to the garments which include anti-microbial finish, wrinkle free finish, aroma finish, UV guard finish, laser coating etc.

We take pride in choosing the right chemicals and types of machinery to produce our wide variety of garment. Usually our processing is done on a vast level as Red Ox is the main garment supplier to different countries.


Red Ox has proven to be consistent and reliable and has reached impressive heights. Based on the feedback from our customers, Red Ox garments are garments that people feel proud to own. Red Ox fabrics are produce in our factory to the highest standards.

Fashion keeps changing, especially women's clothing, and it is fair to say that women's fashion carries no boundaries. The increasing demand and change in life style has made Red Ox not only a very creative designer of clothes but also a very contemporary retailer for Fashion garments.

In Middle East especially Dubai which is known for its shopping hub and shopper's Mecca, keeping up with fashion and being competitive is compulsory, thanks to our production team and talented designers who have maintained our high standards and affordable prices to ensure we are on top at all times, Red OX is very unique, customers are amazed at how gorgeous they can look in our garments for a very reasonable cost.

Red Ox has created a website that is user friendly, looks contemporary and informative, it allows visitors to browse online with ease in the comfort of their homes. Our website offers the highest quality photography and zoom system so you can look at the detail of each item, the fabrics used and care of each garment.

We hope you love the experience with Red Ox Fashion Online!!